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7/9 point Online Tournament Page

Here is everything you need to play in one of our tournaments!
  1. A player will need to sign up for safeharborgames.net, sign up for Challonge.com, and sign up for a Venmo account or paypal account. All are free to do.
  2. Must have an email, may have texting capability. Most communication done in the lobby of safeharborgames, under backgammon, in the lobby of the safe harbor regatta room.
  3. Players must send payment and information using Venmo or paypal.me, at least 30 minutes prior to the tournaments starting time.
  4. That's all you need! Online meet up open to all players!

Here is information on the tournament itself!

  1. The tournament is a single-elimination 7 point matches with 9 point final. Crawford rule in effect.
  2. We currently cap the tournament to 64 players. 8-64 players, the prize pool is payed out 40% 1st, 30% 2nd, 15% to semi-finalists. 5-7 players, 65% 1st, 35% 2nd, 4 or less, 100% 1st place. 
  3. The entree fee is: $20. Side pool: $20. 90% returns on all prize pools.
  4. The side pool is awarded to the player who goes the farthest in the tournament as a side pool entrant.
  5. With 8 or more entrees, winner will receive 2 NWLVBC club points, finalist will receive 1 club point. Club point leaders at the end of the year receive challenge coin and certificate.


June 20th, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. PST

*Every 3rd Saturday of each month!*

***Sign up period starts immediately! Will cap at 64 players***
Send via Venmo payment and information on or before June 20th, 1:30 p.m. PST to: @Daniel-Price-126. In note section, write first/last name,safe harbor games name,date of tourney,email, phone text#, side pool y/n.... or you will not be in! Thank you!
The Three Pieces to know: VENMO, safeharborgames, and Challonge


Venmo is the peer to peer payment processor we will be using to collect fees and side pools, and to award prize pools. They are owned by paypal. What one needs to do with Venmo is sign up, load an account or some type of payment method, send appropriate fee's to:

@Daniel-Price-126 or dannwlvbc@outlook.com. In the Venmo notes we must receive the following information: First/Last Name, SafeHarborGames name, email, side pool y/n, text phone number, and date of tournament signing up for. Must receive no later than 30 minutes prior to tournament start.

 *Now a second way to send and received payments. The address is: www.paypal.me/superdan88 Same note section information: First/Last Name, SafeHarborGames name, side pool y/n,text phone number, email, date of tournament. Must receive no later than 30 minutes prior to tournament start. Payouts will be sent using whatever method was used to send the payments: Paypal or Venmo.


Safe Harbor Games is the current site we are using to play our matches. We currently meet in the backgammon lobby, under The Bridge-Competitive, room is called Safe Harbor Regatta.  It's free to sign up. All players must meet at the Safe Harbor Regatta for communication purposes; however, if both players agree, they may play their matches on backgammon galaxy or gridgammon as well. Same validation requirements for matches on alternate play sites. Still required to meet on SafeHarborGames. Click link to go to: SAFE HARBOR GAMES


Challonge is the site that creates the brackets for us and is the tournament tracker. Sign up is free. Once you are registered, you should receive an email with a link to our tournament site on challonge. Click link: CHALLONGE



1. All entree's and side pool fees must be submitted up to 30 minutes prior to tournament start. No further entrants will be allowed in after this time.

2. Players must submit fees via Venmo to: @Daniel-Price-126 or paypal: paypal.me/superdan88. Notes must include: First/Last names, safeharborgames name, date of Tournament, side pool y/n, email, text phone number. Once received, you will get a url to the challonge tournament page via email.

3. Tournament and brackets will be displayed on challonge. Brackets will be randomized prior to start of the tournament.  Live communication is done in the lobby of safe harbor regatta in safeharborgames. Email and/or text used as needed.

4. All players must meet at safeharborgames in backgammon section, lobby of room safe harbor regatta, regardless if they agree to play on the alternative sites. SafeHarborGames is the main place to play matches.  However, director will allow players on mutual agreement to play on two alternative sites, backgammongalaxy (it must have normal clock settings, and url or address of match sent to the director), and gridgammon (must have game auto save on for verification purposes). Director must be notified if players agree on alternative sites. Otherwise must play on safeharborgames.

5. Players must be available and ready to play throughout their tournament life. Penalties for absences will be enforced. If players cannot be reached when ready for the next match via opponent/director attempts to reach them, a 15 minute countdown will begin. After 15 minutes, player will have a 1 point penalty, after 10 minutes, a 2 point penalty, and after 5 minutes disqualification. Responsibility is on the players to be available and ready. Winner is responsible for posting win.

6. Payouts are fixed. The side pool is awarded to the player who entered the side pool and goes farthest in tournament; however, if players wish to "deal make or hedge", they may do so but between themselves.

7. Players can check their status via challonge tournament page. Winners can post their win via challonge bracket; however, if there are any issues or problems, they may be asked for verification of win. Three ways: a screen capture of the win, a picture, or a log of match. One or more may be asked for at any time by the director. If verification is not forthcoming, penalties will be assessed.

8. In the event of internet disruption or loss of connection, it is the players responsibility to reboot or have a secondary back up. There will be no time made up or added, nor refunds.

9. Remember to respect others. If any questions, comments, concerns, contact Daniel at dannwlvbc@outlook.com or text at 702-682-1079 or send message to me, Superdan, in SafeHarborGames. Thank you.

Online Results

May 9th, 2020, 2:00 p.m. PST

Winner: Daniel Price (Superdan)

Runner up: Igor Moraes(igormoraes)

June 20th, 2020, 2:00 p.m. PST

Current Club Point Standing

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